Curated by CARAVANA, Scorpios Bazaar celebrates human artisanship through an anthology of beautiful creations.


Scorpios Bazaar goes beyond the status of an object to the story at its heart. Breathing new life into ancient traditions, we celebrate artisanal, sustainable and unvarnished beauty.

We champion the mindful craftsmanship that keeps these traditions alive. Through the pieces we offer we promote, preserve and elevate provenance, and reveal the real stories of the world’s indigenous talents.

Following in the footprints of our artisans, Scorpios Bazaar strives to protect and celebrate the most beautiful traditions and cultures of trade, craft, travel and conscious living.



Scorpios Bazaar is curated by CARAVANA, a Mexico-based brand honoring the traditions of trade, craft, and connection to the planet and its people. CARAVANA is a tribe of dreamers, creatives, and nomads who envision a world that celebrates ancestral cultures and traditions of sustainable artisanship. By carefully choosing brands that align with this philosophy, we not only preserve indigenous talents, but protect and elevate the community around them.

CARAVANA empowers makers through consistent employment and support, as well as putting them at the centre of their story. Rather than passively produce to a westernised vision of style, makers are able to apply their knowledge and expertise, passed down through generations, to educate us on the true meaning and purpose of their craft.