AGAVE ROAD designs Western cowboy-style hats using ethically sourced rabbit felt. Each hat bears a unique texture when made, and then continues to acquire its own patina or personality, depending on its story and journey.


JonCha is a French composer, playwright, actor, writer, and hat-maker.

While road tripping from Austin to L.A. and digging out old Western hats from shops in desert towns along the way, he tried to figure out how many times he would need to come back in order to fulfil his dream of owning thousands of hats. This is when the idea of making his own hats began to creep into his mind.

After living and working in Stockholm and Paris, he relocated to the wild Camargue region of France in 2020, home to the world’s original Gardian cowboys.

Here, surrounded by the dry landscapes of cacti, vineyards, white horses and bulls, he created his one-of-a-kind Western-style hats, sending each one into the world with a life and a story.



In English, the word “craft” is etymologically derived from a word meaning “strength”, while the French equivalent, “artisanat” is derived from a word meaning “art”.

These two conceptions of craft work perfectly together. Creating a hat requires a physical action, strength, and artisanship.

Each hat is made with 100% ethically sourced rabbit felt and each piece is unique.

JonCha believes that every blemish on the felt tells a story that lends the owner a human touch, an idea of how the hat was made, and makes the piece unique and worthy.

Agave Road Hats are inspired by old pictures of Gardian cowboys in France and gold seekers in the US, and are designed to be passed down generations, worn proudly, hidden away for a generation, half-forgotten, rediscovered, re-loved, and embellished with stories.