ANIMA MUNDI draws upon ancient healing methods, natural botanicals, and the wisdom of the Amazon rainforest peoples to create a range of natural wellness formulas and elixirs.


Adriana Ayales grew up in Costa Rica and spent almost a decade living in the U.S, but returned to live among the tropical jungle where she appreciated the beauty of the land and its peaceful, calming way of life.

This is way of life she fondly enjoyed as a child and wants to share with her children today, focussing on the love of the outdoors and embracing living in the moment, with far fewer distractions than living in the densely populated New York City, which she travels to often to visit her apothecary in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.



Anima Mundi was born out of the desire for a natural form of healthcare that was symbiotic with nature.

The root of Anima Mundi’s intention is to craft high-potency formulas, utilizing ancient healing methods applied and studied by rainforest natives. Within the formulas, one finds wisdom that has been revered by medicine people across the world.

Anima Mundi works with native people in Costa Rica and the Amazon, and the formulations capture the essence of different traditions.

Anima Mundi integrates Rainforest Tribal botany with Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, aiming to create an eclectic and potent modus operandi to craft next-level recipes for longevity.

Organic cane spirits and/or vegetable glycerin are used to extract and naturally preserve the elixirs.