Capote designs are inspired by the intense power and magic of the island of Ibiza. The instantly recognisable handcrafted designer frames capture Capote unique character and personality - eyewear with a strong attitude to give each individual an exceptional look to express themselves.



The idea was born in Ibiza. After a few years selling vintage sunglasses to his friends he decided to create his own collection in summer 2013.

It’s already been three years with Capote as a brand, and it may seems as an easy journey but every step further teaches him something as well as give him new inspiration. He looked at different materials always focused on the art of handcrafted frames. From bamboo to ebony, recycled skate board, acetate, steel and even rubber. In every trip he learns something and he gets more inspiration. At the end of the day, he likes to design his collections the old-school way, paper and pencil. Just like the materials, raw.

He grew up with this passion for eyewear. He remembers always being captivated by eyewear ad campaigns. He found them inspiring, exciting and elegant. It’s not that he wanted to wear them or have them; he wanted to create them.

Most of it comes from his experiences while traveling. He discovered patterns which are created as a response to nature and culture. Then he simplies try to share an idea through a sense of beauty and feeling.



“We are not hunters, thieves or indiscreet observers. We are human beings, we are spirits, born to capture stories that should remain like the soul; immortal and eternal…”

The spirit of capote derives from the philosophy of karma, striving for a simplified and minimalist attitude towards life.

“We are free souls in earthly bodies, living on this planet, breaking the laws of the universe, evolving and leaving a legacy of creativity, willpower, perseverance and dreams on our way.”

We are all connected to something greater than ourselves; we are connected to the infinite potential of universal consciousness. Capote explores and plays with the dualities of light and shade, flexibility and stability, as well as extravagance and reservation.

As always, Capote’s frames are of the highest quality, constructed from a fine blend of both titanium and aluminium to ensure stability, without compromising on their incredible lightness and luxurious comfort.