De Uria yoga mats are made with respect for the traditional yoga practice of India. Their firmness teaches you the proper postures and strengthens your body. Their natural fabric helps you connect to the energy field of the earth. The Ayurvedic dye enhances the healing process of your daily yoga and meditation practice. And the natural rubber offers a grip that gives you confidence to go beyond your limitations.



De Uria was founded by Catherine Florez de Uria, with the ambition to design 100% organic products in line with the preservation of the environment.

De Uria trains women of Kerala villages to weave the mats, allowing them to be financially independent. The artisans also have access to a pension plan and health insurance.

All De Uria products combine ethics, sustainability, aesthetics and luxury. What inspires me the most is to create beautiful things, to dream, to protect the living and nature, to inspire by my actions and achievements.

We are living in critical times where individual actions particularly. Above all, I also love traveling, which is my source of inspiration for my ideas and creations. The values that inspire me the most are freedom, respect, kindness and wonder."



De Uria's goal is to create an honest brand that consumers can trust. They are proud to be a slow fashion brand. Instead of focusing on profit and the waste that often accompanies it, they offer conscious yoga and fashion solutions, backed by social initiatives that benefit each community we work with.

De Uria partners with a cooperative in India that offers social programs to the workers and with a women’s association in Sri Lanka that provides education to underprivileged women.

De Uria use only sustainable components such as organic certified cotton, tree rubber, natural vegetable dyes, and Ayurvedic herbs.

Their logo represents the heart and root chakras, combined together in a symbolical way to join the heart’s energy in the fabric. It's their philosophy and the DNA of the brand.