DENISSE M VERA specializes in wearable macramé fashion pieces inspired by the South American crafting tradition. Ornamental knotting plays the central role in many pieces, and each piece is handmade with a zero-waste approach.


Denisse Marianela Vera was born and raised in Campbelltown, a suburb south-west of Sydney in Australia. Denisse felt connected to her natural surrounds from a young age and also to her Motherland, Chile which was where she learnt the art of Macramé.

In 2013 Denisse travelled through South America and befriended an artisan who entrusted her with his beloved art.

Seven years on, Denisse now sells her Macramé creations worldwide and has become known as the pioneer of wearable macramé.

Denisse has built her business with deep gratitude and respect for her craft which flows through her blood from her native Araucano lineage and Chilean Background.

Her ongoing dream is to keep the art alive and to raise the profile of her work and that of her fellow artisans. Denisse receives her inspiration organically when she is connected with nature and when her mind is clear. Denisse M Vera is an intuitively guided fashion label. We do not follow the traditional fashion timeline and we do not release a new collection per season.



The spirit of Denisse M Vera lies in a deep desire to shine light on the beauty and intricacy of the art of Macramé. Denisse and her team value the origins of the ancient craft and work soulfully and consciously on each creation.

The Denisse M Vera team aspire to use their hands to create pieces with the purpose of bringing joy and a sense of empowerment to every creation. Therefore, every piece embodies design elements that give the wearer a sense of strength and sensuality… a powerful combination.

Denisse M Vera creations are all made in-house and with a zero-waste mentality. Every creation is made-to-measure therefore the off-cuts are minimal and all cord and fabric waste is repurposed to create meditation pillows. 

Denisse M Vera encourage repurposing over recycling. Stay tuned for our Denisse M Vera Film REPURPOSE to learn all the ways you can repurpose the elements used to create a Denisse M Vera garment… once it has reached the end of its life cycle.

The Denisse M Vera team are a passionate collective who work and strive to create the highest quality product with love and intention.