Exceptional natural products and design accessories for the sophisticated wellness lifestyle.


Extra virgo is the fruit of founder and creative director Alex Postiglione’s personal journey and re-birth.

“As an art history student and anthropology enthusiast I have always been fascinated by the misterious and inextricable relationship between humans and plants, as ancient as life itself and yet so modern".

After years working in the fashion and communication industry, leading a fast paced, stress filled, unhealthy and toxic lifestyle, he decided to follow his lifelong passion for perfumery, botany, spiritual practice and holistic nutrition by withdrawing to a secluded island with the aim of rediscovering myself through re-connecting with nature and his body.

There he began a personal transformation focusing on health and happiness through connecting with plants, their perfume and their healing properties, which he belives should be a priority in everyone’s life.

Herbal rituals that, in these frantic era, can help others like himself to get in touch with their physical and spiritual health, bringing tangible benefits into their lives without forsaking artistic and aesthetic values. He defines this nurturing and intimate relationship with plants as botanical couture.



Stop for a second, reconnect with yourself.

Extra Virgo, an exceptional natural perfumes and design accessories for the sophisticated wellness lifestyle.

Dedicated to elevating the rituals of contemporary wellness through the creation of herbal rituals: superior quality natural perfumes, incenses, cosmetics, supplements and a universe of design accessories and jewellery for the holistic aficionados who embrace natural wellbeing of the highest level.

Nature and its fruits are a precious resource for our happiness and represent a contemporary solution to our quest for balance and health. Alex produces his botanical creations using only the finest natural ingredients cultivated and manufactured in his farm “monte kush” situated in the magical hills of Florence, Italy,

A sensual and rebel approach to the avant-garde wellness movement.