Inspired by the spirit of Mykonos, handmade in Italy. KOPAJOS crafts handmade sunglasses with designs influenced by the prominent personalities and styling of luminaries such as Aristotelis Onassis and Maria Callas.


Kopajos was founded in Mykonos, a magic place enhanced by the energy of Delos, a small island that was once the center of the Cycladic archipelago.

With the efforts of the entrepreneur Bruno de Felice, a descendant of the first craftsman and founder of the brand, Kopajos was relaunched with great success.

Proud of its roots, the sunglass pouches feature the Greek flag on one side, with the meandros reproduced on both the sunglasses and in brand elements.



The Kopajos ethos represents pure fusion with the Greek spirit. In its flagship store, located in Kalogera Street in Mykonos, the energy is amplified by the natural colours, blue and white, representing the sea, the sky and the typical Greek houses of Mykonos.

Kopajos has a dedicated Italian factory, allows them to produce high quality sunglasses in a place famed for craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Kopajos is dedicated to protecting Mykonos and its Cycladic culture and nature. A percentage of each pair of sunglasses sold goes to an animal charity providing food, medication and veterinary expenses for the island's stray cats and dogs. The brand is also committed to promoting the adoption and rescue of animals.