Eleftheria Nikolakopoulou created SADH fine knitwear to keep the Greek tradition of crochet aflame. Inspired by her own family and upbringing, Eleftheria Nikolakopoulou creates pieces that encourage confidence in the wearer while remaining symbolic of an age-old craft.


Eleftheria Nikolakopoulou was born into the post-revolutionary “New Greece” of the 1970s.

The excitement of this time, and having grown up surrounded by the resurgence of creativity and freedom — as her name means — is apparent in who Eleftheria is and everything she does.

To be able to bring life to elegant clothing by using crochet and fine knitwear of such high quality was long missing from modern fashion.

Eleftheria’s natural gift for style and design caused her to excel early on in her career.

It is her passion to help women dress in a way that they feel the most beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

Eleftheria created Sadh knitwear by incorporating the age-old Greek tradition of crochet, with exquisite yarns and fabrics and a respect for versatility.



Sadh embodies the boundless and existential freedom to be without seeking permission.

Crochet and fine knitwear of this quality and versatility was long missing from the fashion scene, and Sadh is the embodiment of feminine elegance, timelessness, and graceful sexiness. One feels Eleutheria's passion in every piece of Sadh knitwear.

Sadh means prayer, pointing to an alignment with soul and essence. Crochet is a Greek tradition in which women would often spend their days chatting while creating beautiful clothing, accessories, home decorations, and presents for their grandchildren.

This art form is passed from generation to generation and many artisans find the process relaxing and meditative.