STELAR works directly with artisans in Bali to create unique, hand-woven and hand-crafted accessories imbued with history and meaning. The brand re-imagines indigenous skills that have been passed down through the generations, creating long-term positive impact and sustainable livelihoods within the communities that rely upon them the most.


Lorna Watson is a 25 year-veteran of the luxury goods industry.

She has worked extensively throughout Asia and has held positions as Head of Design for Dior, De Beers, Wedgwood and Faberge, and more recently as Creative Director for Astley Clarke.

STELAR is the realisation of a vision to restore age-old artisanal techniques and bring them to the forefront of today's international marketplace.

By referencing the past and embracing the future, the brand breathes new life into skills that would otherwise be in decline. With the introduction of modern design sensibilities and the addition of higher value materials, they are able to help create high quality, hand-crafted items that are relevant to today’s international marketplace.



STELAR believes that indigenous skills are irreplaceable and form a critical role in maintaining local heritage and customs, as does the preservation of cultural integrity to the lineage and livelihoods of future artisans and their communities.

The onset of mass production and demands for cheaper labour within the fast fashion industry has meant that age-old craftsmanship skills have been struggling to survive. With little value placed on the history, culture, and expertise behind these skills, many artisans have been forced to leave their communities to compete for menial labour, at considerable social cost, while still struggling to make a reasonable living for themselves and their families.

STELAR is on a mission. By adopting a collaborative approach, and working directly within these communities, they are able to re-imagine skills with a collective vision that we believe is far more exciting then a singular one would be.

Their artisans become custodians, protecting their skills for future generations, which means the future of fashion lies, quite literally, in their hands.