The finest handmade bespoke and custom hats using the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials.


Teressa Foglia is a hat designer and maker, a modern milliner. An avid hat lover her entire life, for years she dreamt of starting her own collection.

After she experienced heartbreak, she booked a one-way ticket to Europe and stayed for a year. During her time, she discovered a millinery course in the South of France and three days later she was in the studio learning how to make hats with a renowned milliner from London. She continued designing and making hats in Berlin, London and Los Angeles but it wasn't until she settled into her home state of New York that her first collection was established.

With an enticing and recognizable aesthetic, Teressa's creative direction, design and energy has transformed the way someone feels when they wear a hat. She brings a modern and compelling edge into millinery. Every order is handmade in New York City with hopes to inspire the human spirit one hat at a time.



Every hat is made to measure with the finest materials and no two hats are ever created the same.

Designed to last forever, consciously sourced fur felts and Ecuadorian / Panama straws are used with handmade leather sweatbands, silk interior liners and vintage trimmings from around the world.

Using antique tools, I sand the fur to perfection and add fire to distress and polish, making this hat the most cherished in your collection.

For the last decade, Teressa's career has taken her in many different directions including fashion styling, art directing, producing and helping many established businesses build and sustain a presence online.

Having traveled to over 35 countries, many of them alone, her journal has been recreated here with travel musings and inspiration.

Life is colorful, boundary less and filled with moments encapsulated by, “you had to be there to believe it”. So, be there. Buy the plane ticket. Break the rules. Life is your own masterpiece; a canvas that spans the globe. After all, nothing fun happens while drawing inside the lines.