TRUE TRIBE is a men's activewear brand originating from a strong need to reconnect with nature. The brand is continually inspired by travelling and reflecting on the beauty and rawness of nature.


Alexandre Sundberg has always valued periodic escapes from Paris, his native city.

The True Tribe ethos was originally inspired by a trip he took to Western Australia in 2015.

He was hiking through the secluded region and had the opportunity to meet several tribes. It was there that he was first exposed to tribal aboriginal art and immersed in a simpler way of life by reconnecting with nature.

He is continually inspired by tribes from around the world such as the Navajos and Mayans, by their heritage, diversity and most importantly, by their way of living; which he thinks should stand as an example to the western world.

He gradually started travelling to more remote and untamed places in search of peace.

Over time, he developed the conviction that the mind needs a place where it can breathe. True Tribe runs its own atelier in Karachi, Pakistan, whereby working conditions differ drastically from the country’s usual standards.

They had attempted to create locally in France however they could not get the level of quality that matched our standards. As a result, they founded the atelier and trained skilled craftsman.



True Tribe's ethos was founded on the principle of ethical craftsmanship. The brand aims to be a major contributor in helping developing countries such as Pakistan diversify their business model significantly dependent on Fast Fashion brands.

True Tribe aspires to achieve this by having all its production vertically integrated as to set its own quality standards and working environment. The brand’s vision is to instill a culture of true luxury and excellence in textile artisanship in all the countries where it manufactures. The brand’s business model embraces the concept of “Fashion Circularity".

True Tribe offers garments made exclusively from regenerated fibres, whilst putting into place schemes incentivising its consumers to recycle their used clothing.

The brand also offers repair services via its atelier for customers that desire to restore used or torn garments.